What to Serve with Chicken and Dumplings

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When it comes to serving up comfort food, nothing quite beats chicken and dumplings. You just have to decide what to eat with chicken and dumplings to make it a complete meal. So many things go well with this classic dish, but some of the most popular side dishes are simple and easy!

two bowls of chicken and dumplings

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If you’ve never had chicken and dumplings, you’re missing out! It’s a stew made with chicken and vegetables like carrots, celery, onions, and dumplings, which are pieces of dough dropped into the stew and cooked until they are fluffy. 

What to Eat With Chicken and Dumplings

1. Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are one of those tasty sides that goes with pretty much anything. Try this brown sugar brussels sprouts recipe, or slice and roast your brussels sprouts tossed in whatever seasoning you like and a little olive oil. This easy recipe is a nutritious side dish!

2. Roasted green beans

There’s something about the crunch of roasted fresh green beans that tastes so refreshing! Try this recipe for roasted green beans with parmesan cheese. This side dish is light and healthy, so it makes a great pair with heavier chicken and dumplings. You can really make any vegetable side dishes the same way as these green beans, and everyone will be happy!

3. Broccoli salad

Fresh broccoli salad is a great cool, light option to serve with chicken and fluffy dumplings! The crunchy, fresh veggies in this salad provide a nice contrast to the rich, creamy comfort of the chicken and dumplings. 

4. Fresh green salad

Go for a simple salad or a big full salad with lots of toppings as a side with chicken and dumplings. Salads always make the perfect side dish, especially if you’re trying to lower the calorie content in a meal or just keep it light so your meal isn’t so heavy. 

close up of fried green tomatoes with ranch

5. Fried green tomatoes

When you’re talking about ultimate comfort food, you can’t leave out fried green tomatoes. These are a Southern staple, just like chicken and dumplings. They have a tangy flavor and crunchy coating that will make a great side for tender chicken and soft dumplings. 

6. Sweet potatoes

Whether you choose baked sweet potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, or mashed sweet potatoes, you won’t be disappointed by how the flavor compliments chicken and dumplings! Your taste buds will thank you!

7. Collard greens

Collard greens are another good option for a tasty side dish that the South has mastered! Try these easy Southern collard greens with savory bacon. This classic side dish takes a little time, but the results are totally worth it, and you’ll love this side dish with your homemade chicken and dumplings.

8. Corn pudding

More perfect comfort food coming your way! Corn pudding is rich, creamy, sweet, and totally delicious! It’s typically made by combining corn kernels, eggs, milk, butter, sugar, and other seasonings in a baking dish and then baking it in the oven until it is golden brown and bubbly. This side dish would be a great addition to your southern chicken and dumplings!

9. Cheesy broccoli

This side dish is so simple and always a hit! If you want your kids to eat their broccoli, put some cheese on them! Steam your broccoli from fresh or frozen, and melt some kind of cheddar cheese over the top. There’s no wrong or right way to do this, just make that broccoli cheesy, and it will be a hit!

10. Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are basically an automatic thought when you are considering eating chicken and dumplings for dinner! It’s a simple recipe that doesn’t require much effort but is always one of our family favorites!

Add some dinner rolls to the menu, and you have a hearty chicken and dumplings meal that will leave everyone totally stuffed and happy.

11. Baked apples

In some places, baked apples might be considered a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. But in the South, they’re a side dish and an ideal side dish at that! If you want a sweet companion to your chicken and dumplings, baked apples are the best option! 

creamy skillet corn in cast iron skillet

12. Honey butter skillet corn

This corn is cooked in a buttery, creamy sauce that couldn’t be more suitable for a meal than it is for chicken and dumplings. It’s a match made in heaven! The corn has a slightly crunchy texture and tons of sweet and rich flavor!

13. Southern pan-fried potatoes

I’m throwing out all the southern side dish options in this list! Diced potatoes with onions and peppers, pan-fried until their golden brown and crispy, really hit the spot with a comforting meal like chicken and dumplings! 

14. Southern green beans

While roasting fresh green beans makes a great side for chicken and dumplings like I mentioned above, slow cooked green beans are a Southern staple that go just as well. These green beans are cooked for over an hour with bacon and broth and are oh-so-delicious!

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