Homemade Glass Cleaner

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Homemade window cleaner is easier than you think to make. With this simple DIY homemade glass cleaner recipe, you’ll have sparkling windows in no time!

homemade glass cleaner

Homemade Window Cleaner

I’m a huge fan of making my own household cleaners. Not only does it save you a ton of money, but in my experience, they work better too! This recipe for homemade glass cleaner is one of my very favorite DIY cleaner recipes.

I use it probably this DIY glass cleaner the most of any cleaning supplies in my house, with three kids there is not a surface to be found without fingerprints on it.

I use this DIY homemade window cleaner on my mirrors, windows, bathroom fixture, and stainless steel appliances as well. (See how to keep fingerprints off stainless steel here.)

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  • 2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 6 drops blue Dawn detergent

Step by step

To make the cleaner just add the ingredients to an empty spray bottle (I buy mine at the dollar store) and swirl around to mix. That’s it!


  • Use regular blue Dawn dish detergent, detergents with extra ingredients and moisturizers will leave streaks.
  • To help you see which side of the window glass streaks are on, wipe horizontally on one side and vertically on the opposite side!
  • Do not clean the windows when the sun is strongly hitting them, the heat will cause streaks.

I like to make this in small spray bottles and I keep one under the sink in each bathroom along with a roll of paper towels so it’s easy to give the mirrors or fixtures a quick clean when I notice they are dirty.

I’m also working on teaching my kids to keep their bathrooms tidy as well so having a bottle of this great homemade window cleaner in each bathroom makes cleaning easier and therefore more likely to get done!

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  1. I have sometimes noticed that water is just as effective in keeping windows clean as any product you can buy.

    When the window panes are already very dirty, I use specific cleaning products.

    To dry and give the final touch I use newspaper paper.

    Have you used these tricks?

  2. Thanks for sharing your recipe, I always enjoy trying new things when cleaning. I have tried a similar DIY glass cleaner recipe, the only difference was that it contained some lemon juice as an addition to the water and white vinegar. The lemon is perfect for removing stubborn stains and it neutralises the unpleasant smell of the vinegar a little. After using it there are no streaks on the glass, it’s sparkling clean.

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