Cinnamon Clove Simmering Pot Recipe & Gift Tags

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Bring the scent of fall to your home with this delicious smelling Cinnamon Clove Simmering Pot recipe along with a printable tag for gifting!

scent house without chemicals cinnamon

I love having a nice smelling home but really hate using chemicals so I’m always trying to experiment with new simmering pot recipes. Last autumn I shared a lovely simmering pot recipe and this year’s variation smells just as heavenly.


For a standard simmering pot add all ingredients to a small saucepan and add 2 cups of water.  Heat on low throughout the day, remembering to add water periodically.  You can pour the simmering pot into a container and refrigerate overnight and reheat the follow day-up to one week per pot. {It goes without saying to NOT leave the pot unattended!}

For gift giving you have a couple of options.  You could simply give the dry ingredients in a jar with one of these free printable gift cards attached, or you could put a whole apple in the jar with the dry ingredients for the recipient to cut when they prepare their simmering pot.  If the pot was going to be used immediate you could pre-slice the apple and fill the jar with water as well.  It’s very flexible.

An overhead picture of cinnamon clove simmering pot recipe  next to cinnamon sticks and cloves

This simmering pot recipe makes your whole house smell like fresh apple cider-it’s amazing!

How do you like to scent your home? Have you tried simmering posts before? Don’t forget to check out this other autumn simmering pot recipe as well!

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    1. Hi Janet, I found mine in the normal spice area of my grocery store (Harris Teeter). You may try a more “fancy” store like Whole Foods or Fresh Market if the regular grocery store doesn’t carry them. Hope that helps! Melissa

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  3. You could also fill the jar with oil, let it infuse add a wick through the lid and you have a scented oil candle.

  4. You could also use one of those candle/coffee mug warmers to heat it low and slow (looks like a small hot plate). Maybe wouldn’t have to watch it as closely, but still don’t leave unattended! 🙂

  5. This would be ideal done in a slow-cooker. We have two, so I think I’ll commandeer one just for simmering!

    Love your newsletters, thanks for sharing.

  6. I simmer it on the woodstove. I have a big cast iron pot on it to add a bit of humidity, we live in a very arid area summer and winter. It does add a lovely scent to the house as it simmers. I also just simmer eucalyptus oil in water during cold and flu season, it kills virus’.

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