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Freezer Inventory Printable

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a piece of paper titled "Freezer Inventory" on a clipboard with a pen on it

When we left our home in Washington DC to move to England this summer I was blown away by how much unused, expired food I found in my freezer. I was determined not to repeat my mistake at our new house, especially since we now have an extra freezer in our garage as well. I created this freezer inventory printable to help me keep track of my purchases and help me make meal planning easier-no more freezer burnt forgotten food!

A close up of a piece of paper titled "Freezer Inventory" on a clipboard with a pen on it

With this inventory I can keep track of not only what is in the freezer but how many of each item, when I purchased it and when it expires if necessary. I try to update it every time I shop by making a hash mark for each item I purchase, then when I use that item it’s crossed off so I know what the current stock is. So far this method has made my meal planning so much easier as I can easily see what I have without having to dig through the freezer!

To print your own freezer inventory sheet simply click on the picture above or click this link.

organizing book

This printable is one of many organizing printables in my book Bite Size Organize. The book breaks down organizing and cleaning your entire home into 90 bite size, attainable tasks-most of which take less than 30 minutes to complete!

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  1. I like this idea. I would find it helpful to add a column for how long that food item is good in the freezer because if you freeze it, it’s still good long past the expiration date. Also, they are usually best by dates and can still be good past the date anyway. The best way to tell is if it looks and smells good still. Although, if it is past the date, I would still cook it well even if it seems perfectly good.

  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I’m the worst organizer. Never thought of the freezer sheet. Thanks

  3. This is a really nice printable. It’s amazing how often I lose track of what’s in my freezer. Knowing what we already have helps so much with meal planning and it’s a budget-saver. Thank you. By the way, what program do you use to make printables?

    1. Thanks so much, I use the Pages app to create most of my printables. I love it, very easy to use once you get the hang of it! Take care, Melissa

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