How to Clean Your Bathroom in 5 Minutes

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If you ask my husband what he misses most about living in the US since our move to England he will unequivocally tell you “football.” I love football too-my alma mater Clemson was the National Champion this year and guess who missed the game because it started at midnight my time-yep, this girl.

Now with the Super Bowl, there will be no sleeping-the Americans here are coming together for a super late night football watching party and I’m busy this week prepping the house for entertaining, which is why I’m sharing some secret bathroom cleaning tricks with you today.

How to Clean a Bathroom Fast

Bathrooms are my least favorite area to clean but it’s a necessary evil. I also learned years ago to make sure I paid attention to the bathrooms before entertaining-with three young children there can be some startling messes in there at times! Luckily in just a few fast steps you can have the bathroom sparkling in under 5 minutes and move on to more pleasant tasks.

Step 1

Spray the toilet, counters, sinks and shower with 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 water mixture (or your preferred cleaner) and let sit as you clean the toilet bowl.

Important Note: Do NOT use vinegar on granite counters, the acidity will wear away the seal.

Step 2

Give the toilet bowl a quick scrub with the toilet brush and then use the toilet seat to hold it over the bowl to let it drip dry while you move on (no more nasty water at the bottom of the holder!)

A close up of a toilet bowl with a cleaning brush ready to clean it

Step 3

Use a microfiber cloth (affiliate link) or paper towels to start wiping up the surfaces you sprayed beginning with the mirror and working your way top to bottom down to the counters and sink. Next, wipe down the shower surfaces, wringing out the cloth as needed.

Step 4

Wipe down the outer surfaces of the toilet with some toilet paper, when finished put the TP in the toilet bowl and flush. Toilet scrubber should be dry now and can be put back in the holder. Give the floors a quick once-over to see if they need attention, otherwise, you’re done!

Easy enough isn’t it? If you’re looking to clean the entire house quickly, see this post on cleaning your whole house in an hour.

If you’re looking to teach the kids to help you clean, check out my printable Kid’s Bathroom Cleaning checklist!

Want more fast and easy cleaning tips? Check out my video below!

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  1. Hi, I always use vinegar and soda for cleaning my bathroom. What do you think is it enough for this or should I need to use more cleaners? Thanks in advance for giving me the clarification.

  2. Do you know you can clean your bathroom within five minutes? You may be fearing that cleaning your bathroom will eat into your busy schedule, but that is not the case you can do it within a very short time. Cleaning your bathroom can be included in the time you take in the bathroom. There are guides to help you use little time to clean your shower.

  3. Clorox toilet bowl cleaner is an awesome and very effective toilet bowl cleaner. It works super fast and clean your toilet within 5 mins.

  4. Hi I guess since your military that you buy the 2000 flush from your on base stores we call them naffie not sure what you call them

  5. I am going to give five minutes to my bathroom. Thank you for sharing such useful quick bathroom cleaning post.

  6. I agree, vinegar is a very good solution for killing bacteria in the bathroom. It’s a great detergent, and it’s nature friendly, which is a lot better than most of the detergents sold in the stores.

  7. I’m trying to give up buying all the chemicals I use for cleaning at home an dfor about a year I have a great success. One of the things I can’t stop buying are the toilet bowl cleaners. For me it is very important tokeep the bathroom and especially the toilet perfectly clean, that’s why I continue buying cleaning colutions, that I’m sure will clean everything completely. Your post gave me one more idea, and I’m surely trying this 2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Five minutes is fast! If I’m rushing, I *might* be able to get the bathroom done in 10, but usually I find its a 15-20 minute job 🙁

    1. It is fast but it can be done based on an average size bathroom-it helps to spray everything down at the beginning so it can soak for a moment before you wipe it up, I promise!

  9. Do the 2000 flushes or similar products really prevent more stains? We are in thr process of getting new toilets and I want them to stay stain free this time:)

    1. In my experience they do Shari-but to be honest I’ve not lived in a house more than two years (we are military.) They do recommend they are used on toilets flushed at least once a week so I wouldn’t use them on toilets that don’t get used at least that often.

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