What to Serve with a Shrimp Boil – 15 Best Sides

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When it comes to hosting a memorable gathering, a classic shrimp boil is a surefire way to impress your guests. The flavorful combination of ingredients creates a main course that’s hard to beat, but if you’re looking for side dishes for shrimp boil, there are lots of just as delicious and flavorful choices!

shrimp boil on parchment paper

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With these 15 side dish ideas, you can turn your classic shrimp boil into a feast that caters to the preferences of your entire family and guests.

Whether you prefer the traditional flavors or want to experiment with different ways to enhance your meal, these side dishes are sure to become the highlight of your dinner table. So, gather your ingredients, fire up the pot, and get ready for a seafood boil experience like no other!

deviled egg potato salad in white bowl with spoon

1. Potato Salad with a Twist

Take that classic potato salad up a notch by adding a dash of Old Bay seasoning. The tangy flavor of the dressing, combined with perfectly boiled red potatoes, creates a side dish that’s a great addition to your shrimp boil.

2. Garlic Parmesan Green Beans

Sautéed in olive oil with garlic cloves and finished off with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, these green beans offer a burst of savory flavors, making them an ideal side dish for any seafood feast.

3. Sheet Pan Brussels Sprouts

Roast Brussels sprouts in a sheet pan with bell peppers for a colorful and flavorful addition to your shrimp boil spread. The caramelized edges and tender insides make it a crowd-pleaser.

basket of hush puppies

4. Sweet Cornbread Hush Puppies

Combine the classic hush puppy with the sweetness of fresh cornbread for a delicious and fun way to enjoy a seafood boil. These bite-sized delights are perfect for dipping into cocktail sauce.

5. Crispy Sourdough Bread

Slice up some sourdough bread and toast it to perfection. This crispy bread is great for soaking up the flavorful broth from your shrimp boil, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

6. Smoky Andouille Sausage Skewers

Thread andouille sausage, bell peppers, and baby potatoes onto skewers, drizzle with olive oil, and grill for a smoky, flavorful side dish that pairs perfectly with juicy shrimp.

sweet potato fries and dipping sauce on plate

7. Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

Add a kick to your classic comfort food with spicy sweet potato fries. Seasoned with chili powder and black pepper, these fries bring a delightful heat to your shrimp boil feast. Serve them with sweet potato fry dipping sauce or copycat Zax sauce.

close up of watermelon salad with feta, blueberries, and mint

8. Watermelon and Feta Salad

For a refreshing palate cleanser, whip up a watermelon and feta salad. The combination of sweet and salty, topped with a drizzle of lime juice, is a great way to balance the richness of a seafood boil.

9. Crab Legs with Garlic Butter Sauce

Take your shrimp boil to the next level by including succulent crab legs bathed in a garlic butter sauce. A true indulgence for seafood lovers.

10. Cajun Macaroni Salad

Spice up the classic macaroni salad with Cajun seasoning and juicy shrimp. This creamy side dish offers a perfect blend of flavors, making it a great choice for a complete meal.

11. Grilled Vegetable Skewers

Fire up the grill and create vegetable skewers with green tomatoes, red onions, and bell peppers. The smoky char adds depth to the veggies, making them an ideal side dish for a summer shrimp boil.

close up of homemade caesar salad

12. Caesar Salad

Toss together a classic Caesar salad with a zesty twist by adding lemon wedges. The crisp greens and creamy dressing complement the tender shrimp perfectly.

13. Coconut Lime Fruit Salad

This fruit salad featuring coconut milk and lime juice is a really refreshing side dish. This tangy and sweet combination is a fun way to enjoy the summer months.

three pieces of stacked jalapeno cheddar cornbread on white plate

14. Jalapeño Cornbread

Infuse some heat into your side dish lineup with jalapeño cornbread. The spicy kick adds a unique element to your shrimp boil feast.

15. Air-Fried Sweet Potato Chips

Keep it low-carb with air-fried sweet potato chips. Crispy and seasoned with cajun seasoning, these chips are a guilt-free way to enjoy a classic shrimp boil.

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