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DIY Cinnamon Candles

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Making a DIY Cinnamon Candle is an easy way to make your home smell absolutely delicious!

cinnamon spice candle with an orange ribbon

I love the scents of autumn-whether it’s putting on a simmering pot or the smell of fresh apple bread baking-it’s an easy way to lift my mood. This week on a particularly dreary rainy day I decided to make a scrum-delicious smelling DIY cinnamon candle and it was so easy I thought you all would enjoy trying one for yourself!

Cinnamon Candle Supplies:


Start by melting your wax.  You’ll need about 2 cups of melted wax for a standard pint mason jar.  Start with one cup of wax flakes and microwave for two minutes.  Continue microwaving at 1-minute intervals until melted. 

Add another cup of wax to the container and again microwave in one-minute intervals until it is all melted.  Mine took 5 minutes total.  (I have an old glass measuring cup designated specifically for candle making-you won’t want to use the one you use for food.)

melting wax in glass measuring cup

While you wax is melting, prepare your candle wick.  Wrap the end of the wick around a wood skewer or pencil and balance the skewer on the top of the jar-this holds the wick in place while your candle sets. 

Make sure the metal end of the wick rests all the way at the bottom of the jar.

setting up mason jar candle wick

When the wax is completely melted add vanilla and spices, mixing well with a skewer.

spoonful of cinnamon over jar of wax

Slowly pour the wax mixture into the jar, adjusting your wick if it moves during the pouring. If there are any air bubbles on the sides of the jar use your wood skewer to rub the inside of the jar to release them to the top. This is aesthetic-if you’re using an opaque container this isn’t an issue.

jar of wax with cinnamon in it

Allow the cinnamon candle to set for 4-5 hours until firm.

hanging wick in jar of wax

Light it up and enjoy! I love seeing the specks of spice in the wax and how it settles in different ways through the wax as it dries!

homemade fall scented candle in jar

These cinnamon candle make great DIY gifts as well…if you’re going to make quite a few I recommend buying the bulk-sized packages of the wax (affiliate link)-you’ll save a lot of money! You can also save money by giving them in homemade gift bags made from wrapping paper!

What are your favorite autumn scents? Have you tried making your own cinnamon candle before?

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  1. Hello! Can u tell me how to do candles without the jars? Or wat kind of jar should i pour the wax in to able to remove it when it’s dry?

      1. hey, sorry to crash this party…

        I have only recently started to make my own (and mom, sisters) candles and waxmelts. Online are shops where you can buy a mold, they tend to be plastic and upside down. You put your wick (without the metal thing at the end) through your mold and tie and put some good tape or I think they have silicone blockers for the ends as well, pour your wax in, let it set and when ready to take out, undo the tape and knot then pull on the wick at the top and it should slide out, the side that was at the bottom of the mold is now the top of your candle (Good to know if you want to use a color scheme.

      2. Why did all my ground spices end up at the bottom of the jar?? Maybe I could not follow your recipe !! :-(:- ( I used paraffin wax and it didn’t turn out well for me…

  2. I love Soy candles. I’ve made a lot of them. I have them for emergencies. I put a lid on mine when not in use. I also used the wooden wicks. Next time I make candles, I’m gonna use the cinnamon, and cloves. But I’ll use vanilla essential oil instead of the extract. Hum, I have cinnamon oil, but not cloves. I guess I have a good reason to go shopping. LOL

  3. So I tried making some of these candles, I’m not getting much of a scent, however I’ve been buying different essential oils that’s helping. I’m having a hard time with the wicks I believe it is. When I light them, the flame is so low, it ends up going out. I bought prewaxed wicks. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

    1. hey! you should actually be using fragrance oils instead of essential oils 🙂 make sure you get the measurements correct (typically 1oz for every lb of wax but i tend to use just a little more for a stronger scent) the flaming candle has lots of great scents for fall, like pumpkin peacan waffles…yum!!

  4. okay… these turn out amazing. I did what one of your other posters did and added a little orange to one. I can’t wait to give these as gifts and I saved a few for myself too 🙂 – Thanks for sharing

  5. I’m so making these. Ordering WAX ASAP!! So after putting in the cinnamon, the candle still settles as a white color like yours? It doesn’t turn brown?

    1. no it didn’t turn brown, it just settled as you can see in the picture. I don’t think it dissolves, it’s just suspended in the wax. ~Melissa

    1. I am also curious what kind of wick you used. Your reference back to Amazon for the wick just goes to the wax that you used, not the wick size. Thanks!

  6. For noen herlige bilder da Randi, men sÃ¥ er det nÃ¥ et utrolig vakkert sted du bor pÃ¥ ogsÃ¥ da;)Shit au at du kommer imorra, jeg har jo selvfølgelig vinterferie jeg da og ikke tilbake før neste uke men,men du treffer nÃ¥ min “lille” vikar der da Petter`n.Shit Ã¥, hadde vært trivelig Ã¥ treffet deg live…

  7. Once I pour the wax all the cinnamon just settles on the bottom, how do I incorporate the cinnamon through out the candle?

    1. Mine settled too Kim-you can see in the pictures, I think you’d have to pour in stages to prevent it but I’m not sure what the effect would be. I didn’t find it had an effect on the overall scent, it still smells amazing when burning! ~Melissa

  8. Hello!

    Tried to make but my candle is tunneling? I am using soy wax with parraffin wax covered wicks in a half pint mason jar. not sure why?

  9. I just made a bunch of these LOVE LOVE them! I also experimented a little did an orange (extract) clove one,used really cute jars, had so much fun making them, they look and smell great. Going to give as little gifts to friends. I grow fresh herbs (when weather permits) can’t wait to bring that into the mix in the spring! Thank you so much for the idea an inspiration!!

  10. If making wax tart for a warmer do you just do the same technique without a wick? Can you melt old candle ends instead of the wax beads?

  11. Oh my goodness!!!!!! I just made this candles, minus the clove (we don’t care much for clove, sorry clove nothing personal) So with just vanilla and cinnamon it’s Amazing!!!!! I was worried how vanilla extract would work in a candle. It’s awesone! Almost buttery and the 1 TBS ofcinnamon is just right, not too strong. Thank you for this recipe! My friends and family are getting these for gifts and my house is going to be filled with them too. <3

  12. I made beeswax and palm shortening candles and both of them are tunneling. I left the wick long as suggested to prevent tunneling. Do you have any idea what might have gone wrong?

    1. There are different diameter.s of wicks. If it tunnels then it is too small, that does not mean too short, length does not matter. Try making with less beeswax. Don’t know what measurements you . And always burn a candle to the edge of the jar before putting out.

  13. I LOVE have good smelling candles going most of the time during the day. I am going to try to follow your directions and make this one with the cinnamon and vanilla…..Going to buy supplies tomorrow….I SOOO hope it turns out like yours!

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