How to Hang a Sweater

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We’ve all been told to never hang a sweater but it’s not true! Learn the sweater hanging hack that will transform your closet!

A close up of a pink sweater being hung on a plastic hanger so that the sweater is not stretched

I have a super fast and easy tip for you all today-how to hang a sweater (without ruining it!)

We all know we’re not supposed to hang sweaters on hangers to avoid stretching out the shoulders and ruining the shape-I remember learning that lesson the hard way in junior high!

But did you know you CAN hang your sweater up without damaging it? Yes! It’s so easy you’ll be surprised and I have a step-by-step tutorial (and video) to show you how!

Step by step

If you don’t want to watch the video here’s a step by step in pictures:

A collage of three picture showing how to fold a sweater in order to hang it on a hanger without stretching it out
  1. First lay your sweater flat and smooth it out.  
  2. Fold the sweater in half vertically so that the sleeves are stacked on top of one another.  
  3. Place your hanger as shown so that the hook portion is between the sweater body and arms (in the armpit!)
A collage of two picture showing how to fold a sweater in order to hang it on a hanger without stretching it out
  1. Fold the body of the sweater over the hanger and tuck underneath the bottom of the hanger.  
  2. Repeat with the sleeves.  

That’s all-you’re all finished!

Now you can hang your sweaters up without worrying about damaging them!

I don’t know about you but I prefer hanging my tops so that I can see my options better when picking out what to wear-this is perfect for that!

Did you know this little trick for hanging sweaters?

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  1. I s as m going to try that with my new sweaters. It’s too late fir some of my old ones. And, yes there are lots of ads. The pop up ones on top of the video are annoying and make me click away without enjoying the full post.

  2. Awesome! My top rod has been so useless for 12 years- I’m much taller than the prior inhabitants. Now I will use it!!

  3. Oops I thought I was on the washing pillows
    Page. But I love the sweater hack. Living in so cal I don’t wear them that often but when I do I no longer haven’t I worry about hose bumps in my shoulders!! Thanks

    1. I love this sweater hack but what is wrong with folding a sweater shoulder to shoulder and laying it across a pants hanger? Am i missing something?

  4. Microbiology did the same for me. Some things we can see are down right yucky but be afraid of what you can’t see! Last time I washed mine? Well… let’s say today is a good day to do just that!

  5. The sweater hanging method is great! I like to hang EVERYTHING, but always hated that the shoulders would stretch out. This is the cure for that problem. The only negative I would mention is that this method uses up more rod hanging space.

    1. It does take up a good amount of space Denise, when we moved to the UK last summer I had to stop hanging mine because our closets here are much smaller than in the US. ~Melissa

  6. I love the idea, though it doesn’t work for a man’s L sweater. The half width is wider than the hanger. Bummer!

  7. What a great idea about the sweaters! I do agree with a previous comment; there are too many ads. Several of them popped open on top of the video, blocking portions of the video showing how to hang the sweaters.

  8. I love your site but there are way too many ads! I understand that adds pay the bills for many bloggers, but this is too many. 🙁

    1. I’m sorry Erin-is it any particular ad that is bothering you or the overall feel of them? You are right that my blog pays the bills-it’s my full time job-but I do want my readers to have a good experience and try to minimize the intrusiveness of them (avoiding popups, etc) so I appreciate your feedback. ~Melissa

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