What to Buy at Dollar Tree

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If you know what to buy at the Dollar Tree you can save your family a lot when shopping on a budget!

Shopping at Dollar Tree

I’ll admit it until recently I rarely set foot in a dollar store. All of the ones I had been to seemed cheap and I hated going to stores where everything wasn’t actually a dollar.

When we moved to Georgia last summer from the UK I happened to go into a Dollar Tree to look for some cheap essentials while we waited for our home goods to arrive from England. I was totally blown away by how great the store was and the deals to be found.

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things to buy at dollar tree

Now I hit it up a couple of times a month to stock up one great buys, and I get asked all the time What to Buy at Dollar Tree, so today I wanted to share my top 33 things to buy at Dollar Tree. (I couldn’t stop at just twenty!)

If you’re looking to keep an eye on your budget, be sure to check out the Budget Printable Pack in my shop and see my 100 cheap date ideas!

What to Buy at Dollar Tree

  • Gift Bags
gift bags at dollar tree
  • Tissue Paper
  • Gift Wrap
  • Greeting Cards
  • Seasonal Party Supplies- there is always a section at the front of the store with holiday decor
  • Paper Plates & Napkins
  • Beach Toys
  • Craft supplies (glitter, pompoms, wreath forms)
craft supplies at dollar tree
  • Puzzles (so cheap who cares if the pieces go missing after a while!)
  • Bubbles
  • Playdoh
  • Glow Sticks-great for using when you entertain kids in the evenings
  • Box Mixes – use these add-ins to make them taste like homemade
  • Spaghetti sauce (I add my own meat and spices)
  • Canned soup
  • Rice mixes
  • Trash cans
  • Posterboard
  • Organizing Bins
plastic storage at dollar tree
  • Hair Ties
  • Sandwich bags
  • Cling wrap & foil
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Brooms
  • Sponges
  • Tissues (great for stocking up your child’s classroom!)
  • Candy
candy at dollar tree
  • Medicines (ibuprofen, allergy medicine, etc)
  • Coloring books
  • Spices
  • Bread
  • Balloons
balloons at dollar tree

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What NOT to Buy at Dollar Tree

One lesson I’ve learned is not to buy off-brand cleaning supplies at Dollar Tree-I did that when we first moved and it was all worthless. I’ve also heard not to buy their batteries because they don’t last very long but I have not tried them myself.

A big thing to look out for when buying at Dollar Tree or other dollar stores is to compare apples to apples. It may look like a great deal on a pack of gum but if it only has half the amount a regular pack from the grocery store would have, you aren’t saving money. Pay attention to price per ounce or per item!

What are your favorite things to buy at the Dollar Tree? Read the comments below for more reader input, there’s great info down there!

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  1. Also, this coming Independence Day/4th of July what of what you should buy is the Independence Day lanterns, it’s a great deal! it’s at least a great deal compared to other stores like for an example (part city) they diffidently sell lanterns and there expensive so if you’re looking for a good deal for this kind of stuff go to DOLLER TREE it would be your place to go if you’re looking for good prices, PLUS it is almost as good as the quality at party city! -at least i think

  2. I always buy oral analgesic from Dollar Tree. It works better and longer than oragel, and it tastes better too.

  3. I have found that the items for like a picnic, or other gathering czn be purchased at DT and serves same purpose as expensive. And if the potato salad bowl gets cracked oh well, I didn’t spend much on it.
    I also get ALL my wreath forms, deco mesh, much of the ribbon, and tons of other craft items here as well.
    I’ve gotten the new poppit things the kids are into these days there as well.

  4. Fabric refresher is a fantastic buy! It also gets the wrinkles out and it is about 4X cheaper than the name brands.

    1. Wow have you been pregnant so many times that you buy pregnancy tests at the dollar store. If you can’t afford the pregnancy test how can you afford a baby

      1. That’s Pretty rude and insensitive. You do not know what her situation is, maybe fertility issues. So what, if she buys one or ten – saving money, that’s the point. And they are the same tests as used in Doctor offices.

      2. This is called being smart. Smart is when you buy the same exact item for a fraction of the price of the alternative. Stop using any excuse to insult people. Go find something smart to do. I make 200,000 a year and I will sometimes go out of my way to find the same item for much cheaper because why would I waste my hard-earned money mindlessly?

      3. You’re a moron. See? I can say rude things too. 🙂 it’s pretty dumb to spend your money on the tests anywhere else since it is a legitimate test. A doctor will even tell you that. Also, making assumptions about people you don’t know is pretty ignorant, don’t you think?

  5. They have a section by the old brooma now called something like “The floor center” I sae for the first time today.

    You buy the pole, then you can attatch a regular broom, push broom, a swiffer head, 3 reusable swiffer pad options. It also had 2 types of the rope style mop heads which I am not a far of. But I was impressed with the brooms and sniffers. I have those but I bought some reusable swiffer pads for my swiffer. I use to cut up microfiber cloths and use those as I hate our societies waste problem. (I know that may sound silly when shopping at the dollar tree, but I try where I can)

    They also have a new really amazing little craft section. . Lots of new stuff there.

    And you cannot beat the cards. Many are Hallmark and the price on the back is like 3.99 but you pay 50 cents each!

    You can get the small size dawn or palmolive dish soap, and the small size tide and down fabric softener.

    Someone mentioned candles and absolutely check it out. Most are generic but a lot of times they seem to get overstock. I have gotten some amazing sou based candles from there.

    Gift wrapping, bags and bows are amazing. They get torn apart anyways.

    You can get huggies brand wipes for a buck, they’re half the size but awesome to keep in the car if you have kids!

    One of my favorite items is in the pet isle, my dog “leaks” and they have an enzyme based urine cleaner. I also use it in the bathroom with my 3 boys clean around the toilet.

    I also grab gardening stuff in the spring.you can get solar lights and lightbulbs there. Many of the lightbulbs are energy efficient!

    Also check out dollar tree DIYs on YouTube. There are some AMAZINGLY crafty people out there!

      1. Do not buy their bleach! I bought it for years think it it was a good deal & I was saving money since it had to be like Clorox Bleach. I mean bleach is bleach right? Wrong! I ended up comparing the ingredients. Dollar Store bleach is a weaker strength so you are not really saving money AND it doesn’t clean as well! Will never buy it again.

    1. My dollar tree has gain dryer sheets it’s a great buy especially if you have a coupon! Also a great cleaner is called “awesome” it does work great on many things. Also reading glasses best price and it’s ok if they get broke at least you don’t have 10+ bucks on a pair, same for sunglasses.
      I also love getting a oven mitt pack of cookie mix and spatula for gifts from there.

    2. one thing not to buy from dollar tree is the canned food-since you can get it for greater deals at the grocery store!

  6. Do not buy food items. The last time I looked at candy bars there they had expired 3 YEARS prior. No way I would eat anything coming out of there. Big surprise though: lightbulbs. 1/4 the price of any place else.

      1. Dollar tree has 60 watt light bulbs theyare called day bulbs that give a more natural lighting and are much better for reading because they are brighter and also last longer. Don’t forget the price is now $1.25 for each light bulb and I was at Lowes today and their bulbs are way more so I left them there . Tomarrow I will go to dallar tree and get my light bulbs and some wonderful craft items there is so much to see in dollar tree and the DIY videos on You tube are from the dollar tree so many great ideas at such a reasonable price I love doing DIY projects .

    1. I always check expiration dates, no matter where I go. I’ve NEVER found expired food at Dollar Tree. But I have at other stores.

  7. I’ve always liked DT for bargains, but have decided to stay away until the coronavirus is under control since a lot of their products are made in China.

  8. I buy almost all of my greeting cards at DT and gift bags, tissue paper, party paper goods, and their silk flowers. You need to watch the number of flowers per bunch because the blossoms are often missing. Walmart sometimes has better deals on silk flowers.

    1. Yes cards are cheapest of any where. Hallmark wants to much for theirs and who keeps them we just through them away any ways.

  9. Monthly and weekly Calendar books. I get several every year. I use them for monthly bills, tracking, etc. So worth it.
    I also get a pkg of the chip clips in the check out lane every time I go there. I keep them in a big cookie jar and use them on everything. Very good quality, and right price.

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