No Holes, Renter Friendly Window Treatments!

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How to hang curtains without holes using command hooks-great idea for renters or students who don’t want to put holes in the walls! 
white floor length curtains hung with command hooks and curtain rod and text reading \"how to hang curtains with command hooks, no holes, renter friendly\"

As a military family, we move a LOT. One of the big challenges we’ve faced over the years were limitations set by landlords when we were renting. Our home near DC a few years ago was the perfect example. We had gorgeous windows but weren’t allowed to drill holes to hang curtains. This led us to learn how to hang curtains with command hooks!

three large floor to ceiling windows with transomes and no curtains

Why Hang Curtains With Command Hooks

  • rental that doesn’t allow drilling into the walls
  • walls difficult to drill into (ours were backed by brick)
  • walls that have been weakened by previous drilling
  • dorm or other space that doesn’t allow permanent changes

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How to Hang Curtains with Command Hooks

large living room window with white curtains and yellow rug

How to hang curtains without holes using command hooks-great idea for renters or students who don’t want to put holes in the walls!

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $15


  • Metal File (optional)
  • Bolt Cutters (optional)


  1. Purchase 2-3 jumbo command hooks per window. Pick a finish that is the same as the curtain rods you will be hanging.
  2. Clean wall surface where you will be applying hooks with rubbing alcohol and clean cloth or paper towel. Clean gently, rubbing too hard can remove the paint. Allow to dry.
  3. Mark the placement of the hooks. Generally you will place one 3-6 inches outside of each outer edge of the window along with one in the middle to help bear the weight. If hooks are too tall trim according to directions in the notes below.
  4. Separate the strips of adhesive and remove the red liners. Press the adhesive to the hook. Remove the black liners and press each hook to the wall for ten seconds.
  5. Slide the hook up and off the adhesive base and press the base an additional 30 seconds.
  6. Allow to sit one hour before continuing.
  7. Gently add curtains and curtain rods to the hooks.


  • If necessary, use bolt cutters to trim top of command hooks. This is only required if you want them to hang at ceiling height. Use a metal file to smooth the cut surface.
  • Tape off the front of the hook and clean with rubbing alcohol. Use plastic primer to paint the back of the command hook and finish with a paint the same color as your wall if desired.
  • Read on for more tips and tricks….

    If your command hooks are too tall to hand as high as you like you can easily trim them.

    using bolt cutters to trim command hook for hanging curtains

    Use bolt cutters to cut about a half inch off the top of the hook and a metal file to smooth the edge. You can see how much we cut off here:

    trimmed jumbo command hook

    Since we’re talking windows, don’t forget to check out these articles on how to clean windows and how to clean blinds!


    When we were hanging our command hooks we wanted the back of the hook to blend with the wall. This was easy to accomplish by painting the back surface. Clean the hook with rubbing alcohol then tape off the front portion you want to blend with the curtain rod.

    painted command hooks for hanging curtains

    Next, prime it with Valspar plastic primer. Finally, paint the surface with paint to match your walls. In our case, we used touch-up paint that matched our moldings.

    white curtains hanging floor to ceiling from command hooks

    After the paint is dry you can put up the hooks following the below instructions. Be sure to wait the required hour to allow the adhesive to bond before hanging your curtains.

    large window with plantation blinds and ladder standing in front

    You can see how wonderful hanging curtains with command hooks worked out! We lived in this home for two years and the command hooks held the curtains the entire time with no issue!

    3 large windows with long white curtains hanging from dark curtain rod and yellow patterned rug on the wood floor


    • Use a thin, lightweight curtain rod that can fit in the jumbo hook.
    • Because of the proximity to the wall, smaller than usual finials may be required on the curtain rods.
    • I do not recommend this method for heavily used curtains or heavy curtains. This is best for decorative curtains that are left open or closed rather than handled regularly.

    Room Sources:

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    This post was originally published October 2014 and updated June 2019 with additional information.

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    1. I did this but used the wrong curtain style. I had grommet style curtains. But I love this idea. Looks beautiful

      1. Ugh, I did this too! Found some beautiful curtains that I love so much but can’t use them with this method because of the grommets. Still trying to figure out a work around because I can’t return them and curtains are expensive.

        1. I’m curious why they won’t work with the grommets…are you just afraid they will be too heavy?

          1. My bedroom window faces the street and a horribly bright street light so the curtains will be more functional than decorative. There are blinds on the window but my apartment has no air conditioning and if I open window at night the light shines directly in my face. The curtains hang to the floor with no puddling. With the grommets, yes they are heavy, but the issue is mostly that they lay flat up against the wall rather than hang. The command hooks just don’t stick out far enough away from the wall for opening and closing the curtains. It also looks awful. I’m actually going to purchase some clip-on rings like you’ve used here to see if I can just lower the hooks and rod then fold over the top grommeted portion of the curtain and clip on the rings. If this works, I may end up cutting off the top portion and sewing it up all neat like. Or maybe I’ll just leave them folded over.

    2. I just did this! We moved and are renting here before we buy. It’s a practical idea, to learn the area – but I was honestly not happy about it – until this!!! Thank you. I did this in 6 rooms (with old curtains I already had). They all look great. I’m not usually one to go back and reply after a pinterest project, but these look amazing and literally have helped this momma have a good attitude in this season of change. It may sound silly, but thank you, you have been a HUGE blessing to me!

      1. Kaite, you made my day, I’m so glad the project worked well for you too. We weren’t 100% loving living in our DC rental house and the curtains helped it feel more like home too, so I totally understand. Thanks again for the awesome comment! ~Melissa

    3. So beautiful! I LOVE the look of puddling curtains, but my husband hates it. So far I’m winning the battle πŸ˜‰

      1. I don’t know Lynne, I’ve not had a problem keeping them clean and it always looked a little awkward to me to have curtains hanging above the floor-probably too many hours looking at Pottery Barn catalogs! ~Melissa

    4. Hi! Do you think these hooks would stick to walls with texture? Our rental has a ‘popcorn ceiling’ type texture on ALL the walls. They are bumpy but not rough, meaning they were painted over.

    5. How do they hold the weight of the fabric? I feel like even those big hooks only hold up to around 5-8lbs usually don’t they? I think this is a great idea, but am curious how the weight of the fabric didn’t pull it all down.

      1. Each of the hooks is rated to hold 7.5 pounds and we used a lightweight curtain rod with four hooks and the curtains were very lightweight. We also used the curtains for decor only-we very rarely pulled them open and shut so they weren’t having that extra pressure. They lasted perfectly for the two years we were in that house before we moved again! ~Melissa

    6. #1 this is amazingly helpful
      #2 does your husband use his feet as hands? because those toes look like fingers. It would be awesome if he could
      LOL πŸ™‚ im just joking

    7. Thank you so much for your post. I am not very handy, but wanted to put up second curtains under our toom darkening drapes in the sunrise facing bedroom. It wasny dark enough.

      I had some sheers from our old house, anf decided to experiment with the Command hooks so i wouldnt gave to wait for handyman and drilling it in.

      Looks great! If i want to go to something heavier later, i can add a center hook or call the handyman

    8. Ikea has long curtains and shears for cheap. I have a Fowler “burn out” pattern in white. And super affordable!

        1. The second picture called The Living Room shows what look to me like binds mounted below a row of panes. I have those panes and I would like to have blinds below them!

          1. Yes Penny, there were custom blinds mounted in the windows when we moved into the house, I’m afraid I don’t have any info about them though-they were put in place by the landlord. ~Melissa

        2. Had to offer my experience Melissa! I have used decorative drawer knobs for finals& also IKEA has basic curtains that are 95″+. I used them to make a.canopy over my bed!

    9. Melissa, I have always wondered if the command hooks would work…we just moved and I am pretty sure this new landlord won’t be fond of drilling holes for curtain rods (wood paneled walls, yikes!). Anyway, I am totally going to try this out! And girl, I LOVE puddled curtains. That’s exactly what I had in our old apartment and I don’t think I can live without them! Thanks for this post, it’s so helpful and may have saved me from a no-curtain broken heart!

      1. I actually tried there and picked up the wrong length-they’re still in the package in my closet-I found them the other day and realized they’ll be perfect for the somewhat shorter ceiling height at our next house!

    10. I’m so glad I found your post! I’ve been looking for the perfect white curtains for a while now, but it’s hard to find the right kinds that aren’t see through. What coupon did you use, if you don’t mind me asking?

    11. Great idea. I own my home but have the brick/drywall problem. Want to hang blackout drapes. Hope they work. Also love the ceiling fan. Can you please tell me where I can get one like that?

      1. The ceiling fan is from Lowes but they unfortunately don’t make them anymore Judy (I get lots of questions about it!) The brand is Allen & Roth-they have great products that we’ve used a lot in our homes!

    12. I think this looks great…what kind of hooks are you using? It looks like black shower curtain hooks…but I am old and nearly blind so I might be wrong! In my first apartment, I used (cheap) filigree metal coat hooks for the hanger, a plain wooden dowel (that I painted) and then later covered with a quilt batting and fabric the same as the home made curtains sleeve…the finials (don’t laugh)…were tennis balls. I cut an X in one end, covered them in quilt batting and the same fabric as the home made curtains and then jammed teh ball on the wooden dowel. Worked great. Cost practically nothing. If you are going to be frugal…or just poor…helps to be creative!

    13. i have tried this and they hold for a couple of weeks then the hooks fall
      my are also just decorative I am using 3 5lb hooks on a double window with with only 1 shear panel.
      Roses are prob about 1/2″ any suggestions ?

      1. Hi Sade, Our curtain rod is 1″ but it does just rest on the command hook-it doesn’t fully fit inside so I wouldn’t do that unless they are decorative curatins like mine (we don’t open and shut them.) If you’re looking for functional curtains I’d get a smaller diameter rod so that it’s more sturdy when the curtains are being moved. Hope that helped! ~Melissa

          1. I can’t say for sure as we didn’t pull ours often but I would just be very gentle with it if you did use the command hooks as they obviously won’t stand up to quite the same amount of pressure as traditionally mounted hardware would. ~Melissa

    14. We are in a rental now (which luckily, the homeowners actually left curtain rods up). We will be moving into an apartment next, and I will be for sure using this tip! What’s the weight limit on the hooks?

      1. Each hook has a 7.5 lb weight limit and we used 4 hooks. We don’t open/close the curtains-they are just decorative so I felt comfortable with the weight the hooks would support-it’s a pretty big curtain rod and lots of fabric!

      1. Each hook has a 7.5 lb weight limit and we used 4-they are also just decorative, we’re not constantly opening and closing them…I think that could be too much pressure if they were being pulled on constantly, but for us they are working out great!

        1. I’m not sure why the hooks didn’t work Trudy-ours held for the two years we lived in that home with no issue. Were you using the jumbo hooks? What was the wall surface made of? Just trying to pinpoint anything that would have been different from how we used them. ~Melissa

          1. I have used these hooks for everything from bathroom towels to curtains for several years now. Never had an issue with them falling down. I would add that I do a great job of cleaning the surface with alcohol first and letting them cure on the wall 24 to 48 hours before I hang anything with weight on them. This seems to do the trick.

            1. Yes, I agree Chanon, it’s very important to follow the directions if you want them to hold! ~Melissa

        2. I had the same problem with the hooks falling off the wall. Not only did the hooks fall off the wall but it took the paint off with it. These aren’t very friendly on painted walls.

          1. these hooks really don’t work for older buildings where they are multiple layers of paint – but if you use double the weight capacity than the weight of the thing you’re hanging, they’ll get the job done

        3. I have tried these multiple times. My curtains and rods keep falling in daughters apartment, along with it peeled the paint off the wall. My advice is, it works for some, but I didn’t get great results.

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