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Wine delivered straight to your door? Yes, it’s true! Get all the info you need in my no-holds-barred, honest review.

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I have to be honest with you all, as a blogger and *ahem* “influencer,” I get a LOT of random emails asking me to write about different products or services. I honestly don’t respond to about 99% of them because they have nothing to do with what I write about here or what I think you all might be interested in.

Then, a few weeks ago, I was invited to take a look at and I fell so in love with the company and products that I wanted to tell you all about it! Get $100 off your first 12 bottle case + Free Delivery!

What is is an online wine retailer that first began in the UK in 2008 and now serves the US as well. Unlike a regular wine store, however, they have a very unique business model I found incredibly interesting.

While you can simply go onto the website and order wine from their exclusive small wineries, you can also join their community of “Angels” with a monthly $40 commitment. This $40 can be used towards purchasing wine at any time but it serves to help build capital to invest in new winemakers around the world. Here’s their explanation:

The genius here is that the money serves two purposes at once while it sits in your account, we can confidently invest in winemaking projects around the world. We hire the best winemakers and give them the resources to get the best fruit and the best equipment to make great wine.

And because we’re confident that you’ll use the money in your account to buy these delicious wines, we don’t have to invest in sales, marketing and other stuff you can’t taste.

Then you get to use your money to get these amazing handcrafted wines, and you get them at Angel-only prices 40-60% off because they wouldn’t even exist without your support.

The whole thing is so positive, it makes me smile just thinking about it.

Oh, if you ever change your mind, your money is still sitting there in your account and we can refund it in part or in full to your credit card. No problemo!

What Kind of Wines Can You Buy at sells a huge assortment of wines of all sorts. They invest directly with the winemakers so it’s an amazing way to taste a wide variety of wines that you can’t find in local stores. I really love that you can rate the wines you receive and it will help you find similar ones to try. It’s like your own personal sommelier!

So far at, I’ve ordered a case of reds and 6 bottles of whites and sparklings. (See updates below) Every single bottle I’ve opened has been wonderful. AND I’ve tried some new blends I’ve never had before. For a wine lover like me, this is the best ever!

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How Do I Buy Wine Online from

There are two ways to buy wine at The first is to simply click here to go to their website and order-first time customers can get $100 off their first $139.99 or more order. This made my first case about $50 with shipping and everything. That’s less than $8 a bottle, and these are GOOD wines. You can’t beat that. (You can also click here for a coupon of $50 off your first $100 order.)

The second way you can buy wine at is to become an Angel. There is currently a wait list for this as they are very smart in scaling the business at a rate they can manage. The waitlist moves quickly though, I started I think about 11,000th in line and am currently rocking about 5,400 two and a half weeks later. (UPDATE Oct 2020: there is NO waitlist currently!)

What Else is So Great About

In case my enthusiasm hasn’t come across yet, I just have to tell you again how in love with this company I am, and I recommend them to every wine lover I know. On their website and app, you can chat with other wine lovers, the winemakers themselves, leave reviews, and learn more about wine. It’s just a gem of a resource! There are groups you can join, or even create your own!

Click here to get $100 off your first case of wine.

Leave me a comment to let me know what you ordered!

Update: I have been a Angel for two months now. I’m still loving everything about this company, in fact not only was I gifted a free bottle of wine when I finally made it through the Angel waitlist, this month is my birthday and I just received a free bottle of $55 cabernet wine as a gift from the company.

I’ve also been able to message with winemakers to give feedback and appreciation notes about the wines I’ve tried, and I’m in love with their mobile app as well. It makes looking at tasting notes when I’m opening a new bottle easy and helps me shop on the go. I still 100% endorse this company and have gotten great feedback from my readers who have joined the waitlist too!

Update April 2020: I am still a loyal Angel after almost 2 years and have been ordering a case about every 3 months, this lets my monthly contribution build up to where it covers the cost of the case. I’m still in love with this company and its mission and highly recommend them

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  1. After reading the person above from PA getting a delivery I’m even more disgusted by this company.

    Apparently NJ isn’t good enough to ship to. They send these $100 vouchers to the state and then when you log on they say sorry we won’t ship to NJ but we will ship to pretty much any other state including Alaska and Hawaii.

    What a pathetic thing to do market in a state you won’t ship to. I’d stay far away from this company since they obviously have awful marketing and ownership running this monkey stand.

      1. I live in NJ as well, and the same thing happened to me with the voucher. The explanation given for not shipping to NJ is not one of legality. I have had wine shipped from NY, CA, and Italy without any problems. There is, however, a problem shipping alcohol to NJ from out of state. Wine is not considered the same as alcohol i.e.: vodka, gin, etc. which is prohibited.

  2. If u use the voucher are u committed to wine every month or can u do it once. Am I committing to a regular shipment?

    1. Hi Robin, No the voucher just gives you a discount on the retail price of the wine, you have to sign up to get on the waitlist to join their Angel program which has the monthly commitment. Totally separate process! Hope that helps! ~Melissa

  3. That is very nasty. I am going to skip this club, and yes, I realize you don’t represent the club. I feel loyal to Crystal

    1. That is another reader’s comment, not my own (I am the blogger who did the review) and I answered Crystal privately to explain that I was not the one the $40 was going to and directing her as to who to contact in order to get her refund.

    1. Whatever your first case price is, most people are on the waitlist for a while so I think the intent is to give you a discount off the regular price while you wait for angel pricing

  4. I cancelled my Nakedwines angel club. Yet this month you all took 40$ off my card and I want it returned.

    1. clearly doesn’t understand how life works. this is not nakedwines customer service. Thank you for clarifying that the people who dislike nakedwines aren’t the smartest people to begin with.

      1. My reply ended up in a different place. Here is where I want it. That is nasty, Sally. What is wrong with you. Our of loyalty to Crystal and her bad experience, I will not be joining

  5. I just ordered my first case, it was in a $50 voucher. Not sure if it’s 6 bottles or a full 12? But either way I’m kind of excited. I spend a lot of money on wine every moth have a wine refrigerator and lots of racks. I’m definitely a wino! This sounds like a win win situation to me. I don’t understand all the nuances yet but have downloaded the app and hope to get comfy using it. This was a great article to find, hope to be in contact with lots of great wine drinkers. I have a catering business, entertain a lot, so this is perfect for me. I also travel and one of my favorite sayings is where there is food and wine there are no strangers! Saluti e ciao ?

      1. I just placed my first order, but I have a question, do they wait until I am an “Angel” to ship it or do they ship it right away?

        1. They ship it right away Alyssa, the Angel program just gives you a discount in return for the monthly commitment.

  6. How do I use the $100 voucher without having to pay the $40 to become an “Angel”? I just want to try the wines before I commit to the subscription service.

    1. You don’t have to join to use the voucher Kim, just order with the code. The Angel program just gives you a discounted price, its totally optional!

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