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If you have been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that I’m a total nerd about my Magic Erasers…I use them for everything and they are my go-to cleaning weapon.

What are Magic Erasers?

In case you somehow don’t know what these little magical beauties are, they are a porous melamine sponge that you simply moisten with water and use to clean almost anything!

They are especially good for cleaning stubborn stains and textured surfaces without a lot of elbow grease! They are lightweight and inexpensive as well, you can read more about how melamine sponges work here.

What Can a Magic Eraser Clean?

Today I want to convince any of you that aren’t Magic Eraser (affiliate link) fans just how vital they are in your cleaning repitoire-so without further ado-over 30 Magic Eraser (affiliate link) cleaning hacks you never knew you needed!

  • Crayon & Other Marks On The Wall – If you have a spot on your wall that has gotten some crayon marks from your little one, grab a wet Magic Eraser (affiliate link)! Just wet the sponge and with a little elbow grease, rub the crayon on the wall, and watch it disappear! Works like a charm for most wall stains-our painter recommended them as well, even for my flat Sherwin Williams paint! (See how we just totally painted our new house before moving in here.)
  • Remove Tarnish from Silver
  • Cleaning Quartz Countertops (we use them exclusively for our white counters!)
  • Remove Mold and Mildew from Plastic
  • Clean Windows – If your windows in the bathroom or even around the house are dirty, you might be amazed you can use a Magic Eraser (affiliate link)! Just wipe your windows down and watch all the mess wipe away, buff with a dry paper towel if there are any streaks! Works great for car windows as well!
  • Clean and Polish Gold
  • Clean Microwave Splatters
  • Remove Marks from Vinyl Siding
  • Dirt In Tile Grout – Getting the dirt removed from the grout in between the tile on your floors and even walls, can be so hard. Use a wet eraser to wipe away those stains. It takes a little elbow grease, but it will make it look fresh and new! If your grout is too stained read how to seal and change the color here.
  • Clean Mirrors and Keep them from Fogging Up
  • Clean Window Sills
  • Clean Plastic Coolers
  • Clean Light Colored Suede
  • Label and Sticker Residue – Have a label or sticker that left a sticky mess? Grab a wet eraser and wipe away that residue in a flash! (Related: DIY Goo Gone)
  • Remove Grease from Pans – I hate, hate, hate doing the dishes-if something is a grimy mess I don’t mess around with a sponge, I grab my Magic Eraser (affiliate link) and wipe away any stuck on grease. Rinse well once your done but I usually end up keeping one Magic Eraser (affiliate link) under the sink just for grease because once you clean grease with one it’s hard to fully rinse!
  • Remove Rust Stains from Counters
  • Remove Nail Polish Drips
  • Clean Mold from Outdoor Objects like Flower Pots
  • Clean Styling Tools – Have a flat iron or curling iron that has some styling product residue stuck on it? Use a Magic Eraser (affiliate link) to wipe away all the residue. Just make sure your tool is off and cool.
  • Dried Paint from Door Hinges – Wipe away dried stuck on pain from door hinges! Just make sure it is fully dried before you attempt to wipe it off.
  • Soap Scum – Tackle soap scum in your bath and shower with a little elbow grease and a magic eraser (affiliate link)-beats any cleaner I’ve tried, they even make bathroom-specific Magic Erasers but you can use any kind.
  • Remove Hair Dye from Counter – If you color your hair at home (anyone else covering those pesky grays?) you know how annoying it is to find hair color splattered on the counter. Simply wipe away with the Magic Eraser (affiliate link)!
  • Rust Spots and Stains on Counter – If you find you have a rust spot or stain on your counter, try the eraser to do the trick!
  • Grates on Grill – If your grill has seen better days, clean it with a Magic Eraser (affiliate link)! Just make sure to rinse it well before you cook on it and like those greasy pans you’ll need to devote one eraser to the greasy messes!
  • Coffee and Tea Stains – Your favorite mug have a few tea or coffee stains that aren’t budging? The eraser works great at wiping them away!
  • Grass Stains from Shoes – Remove grass stains from the soles of shoes. This works really well, and you don’t have to scrub that hard to get it to lift up!
  • Remove Red Stains From Plastic Containers – Serve up sloppy joes or a pasta based food and store in a plastic container, only to leave an orange tinge, use your eraser and it will wipe away that residue!
  • Shine Car Headlights – If your headlights aren’t shining that bright, use your Magic Eraser (affiliate link) to buff your headlights. This will help remove any bug residue and you will be amazed at how much brighter they will shine at night!
  • Dust Baseboards – Cleaning baseboards can be a pain but using a damp Magic Eraser (affiliate link) can make it a lot easier. To make future cleanings less often, swipe the baseboards with a dryer sheet to repel dust after they are dry!
  • Clean Your Iron – Confession: I don’t iron unless I absolutely can’t avoid it BUT I do keep it clean for my better half by cleaning it (while cool) with a damp Magic Eraser (affiliate link)-it gets those stubborn stains off and helps make sure your iron doesn’t transfer grime to your clothes!
  • Clean Fridge and Appliance Handles – I hate the dingy buildup that can show up on appliance handles-especially if you have lighter colored appliances. Luckily the Magic Eraser (affiliate link) gets into all those nooks and crannies to clean it right up!
  • Clean Dry Erase Boards – Back when I homeschooled my boys this was a major hack I needed-Magic Erasers can easily remove those stains leftover on dry erase boards-I hated it when I couldn’t get markers to fully erase or when we left things written on them for too long and they always faintly lingered.
  • Clean Slow Cooker Stains – You know those stains on your slow cooker that have been there for-ever??? Not anymore! A teensy bit of elbow grease and your handy-dandy Magic Eraser (affiliate link) and they are history! Try it and you’ll see! (See all my favorite Slow Cooker recipes here.)

Do you use Magic Erasers for things I haven’t listed? Leave me a comment so we can include it on the list!

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I agree, the magic eraser is like a magic trick for disappearing stains from hard surfaces. It works on almost all kinds of stains, you don’t have to put much effort in the cleaning, and the results are almost instant. I am a little worried about the chemicals contained in it, but I guess you cannot get perfect cleaning without some chemicals involved in the process.

  2. Thanks Malissa,
    I have tried everything to clean the hairspray from my curling iron, this was a wonderful tip!

  3. I really love reading and enjoying your blog. Your new home is so beautiful!!. Many years of family times can now be held there. Thank you, Melissa.

  4. I had some water stains on my outside windows (from our irrigation water) and nothing would remove them, even the Magic Erasers. But I read a great tip and it removed three years of buildup. You take a Magic Eraser but do NOT wet it, then put some dishwasher rinse aid (like Jet Dry) on the dry eraser and it will remove any buildup and it didn’t scratch my windows. They’ve never looked better!

  5. Thank you for these wonderful tips. I will try them. I will try them in my oven also, hope it works there too.

  6. If you are a giant breed dog lover, (English Mastiff, etc, the kind that slobber BUCKETS of the gooey adhesive kind. Ewwwwwww!) then stock up on Magic Erasers. It’s the only thing that removes slobber residue from walls, flat paint rescued!

  7. Some great tips Melissa. I would never have thought of using them for cleaning grout & plastic containers. I tried everything to clean the white plastic on my Converse. Nothing would shift the marks but they came off so easily with Magic Erasers.
    You have some great slow cooker recipes!

  8. I use this thing all the time. But I had no idea it could be used in so many different ways. Thanks for the tips!

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