How to Remove Spray Paint from Skin

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Learn the simple trick to remove paint (even spray paint) from your skin without scrubbing or harsh chemicals. You’ll be so happy you learned this trick!

A before and after picture of a hand-one with spray paint on it and one after cleaning the paint off

I was getting a little spray painting in last week before our vacation and I realized afterwards that I had never shared my little secret for removing spray paint from skin here on the blog.

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I HATE getting paint all over my hands but I also seem to forget to wear a glove pretty much every time I paint something.  I used to scrub my hands raw trying to remove it or strip my skin with acetone or mineral spirits until I found the secret that gets it off in less than 3 minutes-essential oils!

(Warning-lots of hand close up pics-I have awful nails, don’t judge! And please don’t be like the lady who once left me a comment telling me I looked like I had “man hands” I could do without that feedback!!)

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spray paint on hands

Here was the damage from a quick paint project-not too bad but annoying enough! I grabbed my Young Living Purification Essential Oil-it’s my favorite for eliminating odors as I’ve shared here, and it just smells  so “clean” to me!

use essential oil to remove paint from skin

I dropped a few drops on the painted areas and rubbed it around with my fingers. You can see it thinned the paint immediately.

remove spray paint from hands

Continue rubbing the paint off and then give your hands a good washing (essential oils will sting the eyes so you want to make sure you get it all off your hands.) If you haven’t tried this Thieves handsoap by the way-it’s awesome! I love the clove smell!

clean hands with essential oils remove paint

Voila! No more paint! This is seriously the easiest way to get paint off your hands quickly and gently!

Anybody else have icky nails? I’d blame all the DIY but that would be a lie-they’ve always been that way and at 35 years old I’m accepting that they always will!!

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  1. Butter also works a treat – just rub it all over and it thins and lifts the paint! Remember to wash the grease off well though:)

  2. Nice idea, I didn’t know before about this beautiful product. Thanks for your kindness.

  3. We love the Essential Oils at our houses but have never tired to use it to remove paint. Such a good idea! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the information! People that judge other people are usually very insecure about themselves. Your hands look like they belong to a woman that is not afraid to work!!! BEAUTIFUL!

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