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How to Make a Distressed Painted Mason Jar

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It’s easy to make a Distressed Chalk Painted Mason Jar with this simple tutorial. Just a few steps and you can have this trendy look all for yourself!

diy distressed mason jar

You’ve seen them all over Pinterest and your favorite blogs, but do you know how to make these adorable chalk painted distressed mason jars? Today I want to share a super fast and easy tutorial for making your own!

Can you believe how easy that is? There’s no reason not to make your own!

For those that can’t view the video, start with a mason jar that has a raised design. Use a foam brush to apply a chalk finish paint over the surface of the jar and let it dry thoroughly-depending on your paint you may want to do more than one coat. Once the paint is totally dry use a sanding block to lightly rub over the raised design to distress the jar.  That’s it! Super easy right?

A distressed painted Mason jar used as a planter

I hope you love this tutorial-it’s so easy to get this very popular look!

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  1. I love this idea and have done my own. Personally I had a problem with the sandpaper not working….maybe too much paint. However, nail polish remover on a cotton ball worked just as well.
    Happy crafting!

  2. i love all this Ball jars 🙂 And I’ve never been to the Consumer Crafts website… very exciting/budget dangerous! I loved it. Is it time to Christmas shop yet?

    1. I am sure the video was of big help to those wanting to try to distress mason jars.
      My concern is the captioning. It was terrible- i mean terrible. This needs to be changed.
      No deaf or hard of hearing person would be able to follow the captioning…have a look yourself –
      its simply terrible!! Please change,

      1. You’re totally right Kim-that is an auto function of YouTube and I have no control over how it shows up, I’m very sorry about that. I’ve updated the blog post to include written instructions as well.

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