How to Hand Pollinate Squash & Zucchini

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Hand pollinating squash and zucchini plants is an easy way to increase your harvest and is easier than you think!

three raised garden beds in grass with vegetables planted in them

The first year we moved to Georgia I planted a very ambitious garden, complete with both yellow squash and zucchini. My plants grew quite large and had plenty of flowers but I never produced any veggies at all. It was so disappointing!

After doing some research I realized this was not an uncommon problem. Squash plants are notorious for being difficult to pollinate, actually the entire Cucurbit family – squash, cucumbers, melons, gourds, and pumpkins – have this issue.

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Why Do Squash Have Poor Pollination?

  • very cool or very warm weather spells can reduce pollination
  • low bee population
  • watering the plant from above in the morning when flowers are open

How to Tell Male and Female Squash Flowers Apart

When your squash plant first starts to flower you will notice all the flowers are male, after a couple of weeks the female flowers will start to appear. It is easy to tell the two apart once you learn how. male squash flower

Male flowers have no fruit at the base of the flower and the anther inside is a single point covered in pollen.inside male squash blossom

Female flowers will have a small immature fruit at the base of the flower.female squash flower

The inside of the female flower blossom has a multilobed stamen.inside of female squash flower with stamen

How to Pollinate Squash by Hand

It is super simple to pollinate squash yourself, simply pick a male flower and remove the petals, then touch the anther to the stamen of the female flower to transfer the pollen. You can also use a cotton swab or small paintbrush to transfer the pollen as well.hand pollinating a squash flower

The male flowers drop off the plant after blooming anyways, so you aren’t hurting anything. You will notice within a day or two the immature fruit of the female flower will start to grow larger after the flower falls off!

This technique works on all Cucurbit plants, although I will caution you that cucumber flowers are quite a bit smaller and I’ve accidentally knocked the flower off trying to pollinate them before so I usually only do this on the larger squash and zucchini flowers.

Hand pollinating is a super easy way to increase your harvest, have you tried it yet?

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  1. Thank you so much! I uprooted my squash plant coz it was crawling all over my garden. I saw a lot of those male and female (shown above) but was waiting for both to turn into a squash! I’m planting again, this time, the right way.

    1. The female blossoms have what looks like a very small squash or zucchini at the bottom of the flower. If you look at the 2nd and 3rd picture in the post, that is the male. The 4th and 5th pictures are the female flowers.

  2. I will try this for sure!! All my fruit grows about 2 inches then just shrivels up and falls off.

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