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Organize your projects with this free printable brainstorming set! Available in four different colors.

Brainstorming project printable charts

Since the seasons officially changed a few weeks back, we found ourselves thinking spring and mentally prepared ourselves to tackle some larger outdoor projects that will probably last until the end of summer, what can I say being cooped up all winter long really did a number on us!

Since we’re pretty thrifty and have ideas oozing from ear to ear, we began some late night brainstorming sessions- dreams, goals, and aspirations for our sickly-looking yard. Everything from scouring Craigslist for free/inexpensive patio bricks to how we would DIY our way through chopping down our inherited-GINORMOUS-misplaced-Willow Tree. Queue the trail sticky notes…

I found it increasingly difficult to track down each and every last sticky note filled with random scribbled ideas. Since those sticky note concepts were only a few words and at times, difficult to read, it caused some frustration figuring out where the line of thought went and if it was something we really wanted to peruse.

The original planner version, as part of that 132 page FREE blogger planner (above), was slightly smaller at a half-page and was geared toward blogger specific projects– boring stuff like how to present the project for optimal internet exposure.

Brainstorming project printable charts with a pen on top

This blogger version was of little help to the beau, since he doesn’t usually get involved in the blog stuff- you know besides letting me get all paparazzi on him. Which meant that we needed something more general to house all his crazy-genius ideas.

So that’s when it was time to take matters into my own hands by redesigning the worksheet. This would organize all his brilliant ideas with the ultimate goal of clarity by drilling them down into smaller bite-sized steps.

We often found ourselves doodling and making sketches of what the finished product would look like so incorporating a grid and a doodle area was a no brainer:

Brainstorming project printable charts

We also found ourselves picking out various projects to work on according to our available budget and trying to come up with a timeline. It is usually to beat the winter weather toward the end of summer, or begging gently requesting our friends to help with larger more muscle-y type projects (like chopping down our misplaced ginormous willow tree). Which is where the timeline and budget section came in handy:

Brainstorming project printable charts

Although not shown, you could totally print them double sided, staple them together, and convert them into a little project planning book. You could look back at old projects or keep referring to the open projects when you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

Alright so I know y’all have been patiently waiting for the download, so without further ado:

Brainstorming project printable charts

Or click here.

The free printable comes in four colors: Coral, Mint, Gold, and Gray in PDF or PNG format. Also, the PDFs are packaged as a four page bundle for those who enjoy some color variety in their life or individually for those who prefer one color at a time.

I hope you find the free project brainstorming printable useful in your own home! What types of projects do you find yourself daydreaming and sketching about? Are you gearing up for spring/summer projects?

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  1. This is beyond amazing .. I specially loved those pretty little circles on top … sure will help me .. Thank you Trisha

  2. i really really loved it, thnk you so much for sharing it…..by the way….i have just found your page and posts and i saw your 2014 planner and i falled in love but i couldnt downloaded it…is it possible to get it in other place? it doesnt matter if it is 2014 i can only see your idea and try it by my way….i hope so…anyways thank you again and may God bless you.

  3. hi, thank you so much for sharing. these are great!

    i’m actually a student, and plan on using this for assignments that are due over a semester.

    is it possible to get a .doc or something to edit some of the boxes? for instance, i’d need the timeline to be larger, and don’t really need the est. costs or time.

    please and thank you,

    1. Hi Kas, I can’t alter the printables as they were designed by another blogger, I’m sorry. I hope you can still find them useful.

  4. Just came across this on pinterest. This is the coolest project sheet I’ve ever seen! Thanks so much! I’ve shared it on reddit and also my site FB page and twitter. Ü


  5. I’m having trouble downloading… I have downloaded and extracted the zip file several times, but the PDF doesn’t show up, only Word doc and pics for this post. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I’m really excited to put these to use! Thank you!

  6. Oooo! I heart these, Trisha! Not only because you and your fab self designed them, but because I love a pretty worksheet for organizing my ideas…and the fact that you have a spot for doodling is icing on the cake. It’s like you know how my brain works or something…lol. I’ll definitely be trying these out. Thanks, girl! Pinning, too!

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