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Easy DIY No Sew Phone Charging Pouch

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Create this easy no sew DIY charging pouch for your phone with this step by step tutorial, scrap fabric, and your hot glue gun!

DIY no sew phone charging pouch handing on an iPhone charger

I was so excited a few days ago to get my office to a point where I could actually find a few things to create with.  It’s by no means well organized at this point (which is why these pics were taken against carpet-I was crafting on the floor!) but it’s workable. The first project I tackled was making this easy no sew phone charging pouch.  We haven’t quite figured out where to store all of our techy stuff and charge it at the new house and I remembered seeing someone’s phone charging pouch made out of a jeans back pocket so I wanted to make my own version.



fabric iphone charging pouch

Cut your fabric into two pieces, one 10.5″ by 5″ and the other 11″ by 2.5.”

handle phone charging pouch

Using your hot glue gun, apply a line of glue to the middle of the fabric down the length and fold over one third side of the fabric towards the center.

no sew phone charging bag

Repeat on the opposite side.

howto make phone charging bag

Now, move to your larger piece of fabric. Use the hot glue to fold over a 1/2″ seam on both of the shorter sides.

no sew bag charge phone

Flip the fabric over so the right side is facing up. Apply hot glue to the outer edges of one half of the longer sides.

no sew phone bag

Fold over and press firmly.

no sew phone pouch diy

Now, take your smaller fabric we worked with earlier and glue the bottom inch and a half to the sides of the inside of the pouch as shown.  Again, press firmly and allow the glue to dry completely.

phone bag tutorial

Carefully flip the pouch right side out-keep your glue gun handy in case you need to touch any areas that may not have stuck together properly.

tutorial phone charging bag

Now you have a handy way to keep your phone and cords contained while charging-too cute right??

Do you have any special strategies for containing the cords of your electronic devices? We’re a bit of a “techy” family with lots of devices and I’d love to hear your ideas!

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  1. If thinking about making these to sell, you could include a command hook, and hang them right next to the outlet instead of on the charging block. That would eliminate the fire Hazzard.

  2. I think that this idea is great but I must say that it is an absolute fire hazard! One spark in the outlet or charger, and the whole thing could catch fire.

  3. I loved this idea! I sewed it instead of just glueing it because it was going to be a gift and I wanted it too look extra nice. After I finished it the thought of the pouch slipping off the charger and falling to the ground with little protection scared me… so I added an extra layer of fabric and stuffed it full of a soft padding then sewed it shut. Maybe that was just me being paranoid but better safe than sorry! Thanks for this!!

  4. Hi Love your choice of fabric design. Try using a Large safety pin and pin the cord to the inside of the fabric. Hope that helps.

  5. What an awesome idea for children to make for presents for any occasions for their parents. The only thing you have to use a cold glue gun. Maybe double fold the edges as well so there won’t be any fraying.

  6. I loved this I made like 5 then I realized it was a fire hazard… so before you make it make sure the fabric is fire proof!

  7. Hi Melissa!

    I just wanted to tell you that I adore you DIY No Sew Phone Charging pouch and am featuring you as one of this week’s Rockstars from Creativity Unleashed! Tell all your peeps to come vote for the MEGA Rockstar this week!!! The Winner will be announced next Tuesday morning. 🙂


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    Thanks so much for sharing your awesome project with us! Good luck!

  8. This is a great idea! I am forever tripping over charging cords because in our apartment, there isn’t a lot of outlets and we have extension cords everywhere because we also have a lot of electronics, so this pouch will come in handy for our phones. I wonder if this could be done with a tablet ??? 🙂

    1. As long as the plug it big enough to hold the handle of the pouch I’m sure you could adjust the size. (Although you may want to consider actually sewing with something heavier!)

    2. You could put one of those hooks that has a suction cup on the back beside the outlet and hang it on there instead of over the charger plug.

    3. It actually can be done with a tablet, if you make the handles long it will be sitting on the floor beside your outlet.

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