DIY Outdoor Wood Screen for under $40

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DIY outdoor wood screen for under $40

{sigh} The backyard.

On the one hand it is one of my favorite places now that we finished our Patio Makeover (for now!) But on the other hand it’s been a huge source of stress and a ginormous work in progress (like I described in my last backyard transformation post!)

The pool was put in late last summer, getting finished up in late August.  Here’s a little picture of what our backyard “oasis” looked like in September:

pool pump

Glorious right?

So we had a pool, then we got ourselves a fence, which was another ordeal due to permitting issues.  And then we just let it sit all winter.

Once the weather started to show signs of Spring we graded and sodded the area around the  pool and next on the list was creating something to cover up the obtrusive pool pump area.  But obviously, after buying a bunch of sod and building a pool, and paying for a fence I was looking for something as easy as possible on the wallet.  We came up with this wooden screen and the best part is that it was less than $40 and took only a couple hours to build (not that I’d know-I was sick as a dog inside that weekend and my hubby did the whole thing!)

pool pump screen in progress

We wanted the screen to cover the entire pool pump area but leave access to store pool supplies behind it and we wanted access to the pump switch (that little gray box) without having to walk behind the screen. We went to Lowe’s and bought 18 dog eared fence posts and three landscape timbers-it was just under $40 total. My husband sank the landscape timbers into the ground about 12-18″ to form the perimeter around the pump.

He then cut the fence slats to the correct measurement and used them to create the screen (he used a piece of wood to create equal spacing between the slats.) Once he finished he cut off the excess at the top of the landscape timbers with a handsaw.

And Boom! Done! So much better than before! This was a pretty darn simple project compared to a lot we’ve done in the backyard and you could totally alter it to make a cover for AC units or just to make some disguised storage for bikes, etc. I plan on adding some plants around it to gussy it up a bit soon too…the never-ending list!

DIY outdoor wood screen for under $40

Do you have “stuff” that needs to be covered up in your outdoor spaces? What would you put a screen around?

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  1. Thank you! What a great Pinterest post that is actually affordable! Plus you gave simple instructions. I feel I can do this!!

  2. This looks great and am interested in doing this myself, however I am curious to know how you get to your pool equipment?

    1. There is a gap between the screen and the fence that allows access and plenty of room inside the screen to walk all the way around the equipment Heather. Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks, that makes perfect sense. It was hard to tell if there was an opening or if something opened to allow you to get in there. Thank you!

  3. Great idea for something like a pool pump but not for an outdoor condensing unit. You could use that as a screen in the Winter but doing that in the Summer will significantly effect your air conditioner’s ability to cool and could actually damage the unit.

    1. Good tip Frank, I would be sure to give an ac unit plenty of space if you are building a screen around it.

  4. I will do something like this to hide our garbage cans! I have nowhere to put them and they pretty hideous!

    1. We had that too Jules and when we had our fence put in I had them put up a little section of fence in front but I kind of wish I had just built something like this instead.

  5. Great idea! I’ve been thinking about doing this to my AC units but they’re in a really tight space. Thanks for the inspiration. Coming over from Monday Funday

  6. I need to do something like this to cover my AC this year. Thanks for the reminder! Can’t beat that price!

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