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DIY Kid’s Fingerprint Ornament

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This Fingerprint Christmas Light Ornament is one of my all time favorite DIY ornaments for kids to make around the holidays. It’s an easy keepsake that you’ll cherish year after year!

DIY kid\'s fingerprint ornament

I recently wanted to create a sentimental ornament to gift to family members. I was inspired to make this cute kid’s fingerprint ornament by an art project one of my sons had done the year before at school. The teacher had taken their fingerprints and made them look like Christmas lights, it was adorable!

I wanted to do the same but make it into an DIY ornament so we could see it on the tree year after year. This cute project is very easy to make and would be such a cute keepsake or grandparent gift!

fingerprint ornament supplies

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How to Make a Christmas Light DIY Ornament for Kids

To get started just gather a paper plate, plain ceramic ornament.  I used three colors of acrylic craft paint-one for each of my three boys.

I helped each of them add their fingerprints to the ornament (so I could position them how I wanted-it would have been polka-dotted all over if I had let them have free reign!)

diy kids fingerprint ornament

I hung my fingerprint ornament on my tree to dry for about two hours…just be sure the fingerprint paint is totally dry before continuing! (Whip up some chocolate mint crinkle cookies and pour a glass of mulled wine or mulled cider to pass the time!)

how to make kids fingerprint ornament

Then simply use a Sharpie or other permanent market to add caps to the fingerprint lights…

fingerprint christmas light ornament how to

…and string them together! That’s it! Don’t worry about perfection when drawing the caps and string, the fingerprints are the star of the DIY ornament, no one will notice any mistakes!

Why I Love this DIY Ornament for Kids

  • First, kids love fingerprint crafts so you’re sure to get 100% participation when making this ornament.
  • This is such an easy craft, its the perfect homemade Christmas ornament for preschoolers to make, but older kids will love it too.
  • It’s a great homemade ornament to look back on year after year as the kids get bigger and grow.

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  1. Love how you used kids fingerprints to create the string of lights- makes a great keepsake idea too!


  2. I love these so much! I just finished making a bunch with our daughters for close family. I used acrylic paint, and it scratches off pretty easily. Is there anything you’d recommend applying to the fingerprints to keep them from scratching off?

    Thanks so much!

    1. I am having the same problem and we tried spraying a clear coat protectant spray on it and all the paint and marker just ran off the ornament:(

      1. I’m not sure what the difference is-did you use craft paint suitable for ceramic? The ornament I used to make this tutorial is on my tree right now two years (and a transatlantic move) later and it’s not scratched or smeared at all. I did not seal it either. What kind of paint are you using? You’re using a ceramic ornament right? Not plastic?

        1. Where did you get plain ceramic Christmas ornaments? I’m having a really hard time finding ones and would love to do this.

      2. I am having the same problem, paint chips off. I used craft paint and a ceramic ornament. Maybe I used the wrong paint? Any guidance would be helpful – we love this idea and are so excited to make them for family!

        1. What brand of paint are you using Nicole, mine isn’t chipping at all three years later and I’m trying to figure out what the difference is that’s causing some people to have problems. ~Melissa

          1. Thank you so much for your reply. The brand is DecoArt -Americana and it is acrylic craft paint. It was purchased at Hobby Lobby I believe. The bulbs I am using are white glass.

          2. I want to add that it does take some effort on my part to get the paint off- ie: scratch with my fingernail. Really my biggest concern is that these are being shipped to relatives and I would hate for them to be worn off when they arrive. I tested out mod podge- waiting for it to dry to test the durability.

          3. My ornaments were ceramic, not glass< so that is the only difference I can see could be causing the difference. If you can't get ceramic I would just package as carefully as possible-sorry not to be more help! ~Melissa

          4. Could be- my store didn’t have ceramic ornaments but I also could’ve missed them since I was shopping with my one and a half year-old haha. I put a thin layer of mod podge on them and it looks like it should help some. Although they can still be scraped it takes some effort. Thanks again for the help and the cute inspiration ?

  3. This is such a simple and cute Christmas ornaments for little ones to make! Thanks so much for the inspiration!


    I would love for you to share this post at my Show Me Saturday linky party this weekend. We go live at 7:00am EST each Saturday morning!
    ~ Ashley

  4. I love this idea! Even though my kids are older (18,16, and 13) I still think it would be a great thing to do. And then of course, I will have to make some more when the grandchildren begin arriving! I am definitely going to be making one of these this year! And then of course, will make again when the kids get married! Thanks again for sharing!

    1. You’re so welcome Melissa! I love the idea of having them for each year and then one day being able to have grandchildren’s ornaments too-I’m picturing an entire tree of them eventually-so cute! Thanks for stopping by!

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