Cat Friendly Water Bowl Planter

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Create an all-in-one water bowl and cat grass planter to spoil your favorite feline!

A cat smelling plants in a cat friendly DIY planter

Did you know that I used to work at a veterinary office? My undergraduate degree was actually in Pre-Veterinary Science and for many years I planned to become a vet myself. I’ve always loved animals, but I consider myself very much a “cat person.” There’s something so calming about petting a purring cat, don’t you think? Our cat, Mr. P, is a huge part of our family so my boys recently helped me make him a little cat-friendly water bowl planter!

While in line at the pet store my boys pointed out the cat grasses and catnip plants displayed by the cash register. We decided to pick up one of each for Mr. P along with his food.

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How to Make a Cat Water Bowl Planter

Once we were home I was inspired to make a combination water bowl and planter for my new pets. I had a low, wide glass planter that was perfect for the job.

I nestled the catnip and cat grass with some potting soil in the planter and added another smaller glass bowl in between them to serve at the water bowl.

(Update 2018 – I currently buy my cat grass and all other pet supplies from, they have really great prices, excellent customer service, and it saves me the trip to the pet store, I HIGHLY recommend you try them, full review post here!!)

A close up of plants in a cat friendly DIY planter and water bowl

As an added bonus, any water drips from his water bowl just water the plants! No more drippy mess on my floor!

Mr. P is thoroughly enjoying his planter-if you have a super special cat in your house, give it a try. They just love that cat grass!

What’s your favorite part of having a cat? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I know exactly what my cats would do with this arrangement: dig up all the dirt, dump over the water dish and leave me a muddy mess on the floor to clean up.

  2. Question
    Did you put drainage holes in the planter?

    I’ve got the bowls and soil and rocks but I don’t know what to do if the planter gets too wet.

    1. If the soil you have is a rich organic material, there is no reason to put holes in the container. The rocks will do nicely.

  3. My Sparky who is 14 has kidney insufficiency and drinks a lot of water. I considered a fountain but dont quite know where to put it. I think my 4 year old Khan would like this.

    1. Me, too! My 3 have a fountain and lots of water bowls, but the garden area of my balcony is gated off to cats! I’m going to do something like this for the cat area, but maybe something less delicate for the outside!

    2. Just wondering if there are any issues removing and replacing to bowl insert for cleaning? Maybe a bowl in a bowl as a way to keep the soil in place.

  4. Our cat Roxy is 15 years old and had the same eating habits as KC, eating the broth and leaving the meat but drinking water. We purchased Bone Broth at Petsmart for cats n dogs and moistened her food, she ate a bit of the food but not for long so we purchased pate the Iams perfect portions healthy adult cat food and she ate it! I did not give her the full portion at once and started by giving her a little bit at a time and now she is back to her old self ?. I hope this helps.

  5. My cat is named KC he is 16 years old lately he is not eating his food ,all he wants is the broth and leaves the meat no matter what it is tuna,beef,chicken etc. Do you have any ideas ? Would appreciate any help. Other than that he is great drinks water eats some treats and sleeps .

    1. KC, I had a cat who did that as well. My vet suggested mixing pet bone broth or water into paté types of food to make a slurry, like a milkshake to see if my cat would eat that – and she did! You can use any kind of paté type of cat food, but I recently discover a Hills brand of cat food that is used for recovery diets. The food is almost like a pudding and mixing in broth essentially makes a healthy gravy. My cats live this. The only down side is that you can only get the Hills brand at vet’s office and it I should a bit pricey, but it is worth the hassle if it helps my fur babies get through times of illness. Good luck.

      As for the planter/water bowl, what a clever idea. I might do something similar using the cat’s water fountain as the centerpiece.

      1. Hi!

        You can ask your vet to give you a prescription. And use that a pet smart, petco and pet value to get that food. It maybe a little less.
        Best of luck

  6. Mi gato plática conmigo y me acompaña por toda la casa se encela un poco de mis cuadernos o de mi celular, amo su compañía, su platica y su inteligencia.

  7. I have never been without a cat or two or three. I have three cats right now and I am looking forward to making them homemade items. This is a great idea and when I get my own place, I’m going to put this together for sure.

  8. I have two girls, Cleo and Claws, that I have raised since birth. Their mom was a stray cat that came to us and I took care of her while she was pregnant. She was having a hard labor so I took her to the vet to have a csection. Cleo and claws are now 1 1/2 years old and I love them like my little children. I love your idea and I’ll be trying it out soon.

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