5 Places in Your Home You’re Forgetting to Clean (& a BISSELL review!)

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A woman cleaning an HVAC input vent with a vacuum

**Update September 2016-it’s been 3 years and I still HIGHLY recommend this vacuum, it’s the best vacuum I’ve ever had and amazing at lifting pet hair out of the carpets!**

So do you all remember a few weeks ago when I shared my Fall Cleaning Checklist and shared that I had just received a BISSELL PowerGlide® with Lift-Off® Technology to try out…and of course I promised to report back-well, today’s the day! I have put this vacuum through the ringer so that I could give you all an accurate review and in the process I discovered that there are a few cleaning tips on how to NOT forget those places throughout the house that I (and probably a lot of you too) are forgetting to clean!

A woman cleaning an HVAC input vent with a vacuum

The first place I realized I have not been paying enough attention to are my air conditioner/heating intake vents. These babies were just begging for a quick pass of the BISSELL’s upholstery brush to remove the hair and dust.

A woman cleaning white curtains in a living room

Next I realized that my curtains were another place that hair and dust were accumulating and I was none the wiser.  With a houseful of boys with horrible allergies I’m kicking myself for not having a vacuum previously that made cleaning the curtains so easy.  If you have medium to heavy weight curtains simple use the upholstery brush to give them a quick once over!

A woman vacuuming underneath of a rug

Yet another sneaky place that dirt, dust, and pet hair were hiding were under my area rugs.  I vacuum my rugs nearly daily but even after vacuuming the top of the rug I found this disaster underneath.  Not only do I not want this grit and grime rubbing into my wood floors with all the foot traffic over top, but this was yet another place for allergens to hide in our home.  Yuck!

A woman vacuuming in-between sofa cushions

Recently our animals were exposed to fleas and unfortunately the flea preventative we were using did not live up to it’s claims. Luckily our veterinarian helped us find a better product but since they had been introduced to the house I realized that neglecting to vacuum my upholstered furniture, including under the seat cushions was allowing any residual fleas a nice comfy place to inhabit and reproduce.

A woman cleaning kitchen cabinets while standing on a chair

Last but not least I realized that the tops of my cabinets had not been cleaned since we moved into the house a year and a half ago.  I can only imagine how much dust was up there but again the removable pod on my BISSELL PowerGlide® with Lift-Off® Technology made it super easy to reach.

So far I am 100% sold on the quality and effectiveness of the BISSELL PowerGlide®.  I had won another brand of vacuum in an online contest last year-a pretty high end brand-and the BISSELL by far and away outperformed it.  Here’s another look at the awesome features I mentioned when I first received it:

– No loss of suction and sealed system

– One-step removable pod for portable cleaning

– Long-stretch hose

– Lightweight

– Swivel steering for maneuverability

– Adjustable handle for easy use and storage

– 12-inch foot for stability

– Large capacity dirt cup

– 27-foot cord

– Included TurboBrush® and crevice tool

The first thing I did when I got the vacuum assembled was to compare it to my previous vacuum.  I vacuumed my hallway (where my golden retriever sleeps at night) with the other brand then immediately went over the area with the BISSELL and it filled half a canister with dirt and pet hair the other “fancy” brand left behind.  Again, with the severity of the allergies of my family that is something I just can’t be okay with.  I highly recommend this vacuum after using it these past few weeks and will be sure to follow up as the months continue with updates on it’s performance!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this useful tips of cleaning. These DIY cleaning tips are awesome. But You can’t remove deep spots from curtains yourself. You have to hire a Professional cleaner to do this.

  2. Thanks for the cleaning tips! One more place I periodically clean is behind my refrigerator. I pull it away from the wall and use my attachments to clean the filters and the top of it also.

    1. Oh definitely Stephanie! That is one I rarely do-usually just during my deep fall and spring cleaning. It’s always an adventure to see what we’ll find back there though!

  3. You mean we’re supposed to use vacuum attachments? You’ve inspired me to try. Mine are all still in the box because there were so many, I got overwhelmed. Seeing this post makes me feel like I have a bit of fall, DEEP cleaning to do. Fun read. Thanks!

  4. I totally need to do my curtains! I totally forgot about them and we have two long haired dogs so you can imagine how filthy they are. Eww.

    1. Yes! The bottom of mine get a lot of hair from my cats and golden retriever so they get pretty fuzzy too!

  5. You have just reminded me about how far behind I am with my cleaning UGH! I need a new vacuum and this one looks absolutely perfect for our home.

    1. Oh my Mary Beth, I feel like I clean my house, turn around, and it’s like I never cleaned at all!! My boys and animals are a lost cause when it comes to cleaning!

  6. Looks like this may be a great tool to have for miultiple cleaning purposes. Thanks for sharing.

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